Leaps of Learning…my heart sinks just a little

I am familiar with the website Teachers Pay Teachers. I have come across it’s resources many times when searching for ideas for teaching when on placement. Today I read a blog post Made by Australian Teachers…..for Australian Teachers that introduced me to the Australian version of this site Leaps of Learning. When reading of this new resource I was initially excited and took a look, however that excitement quickly turned to a feeling of being overwhelmed with information. Once I started taking a look at the site I have to say that my heart sank just a little. You see the resources are great however it’s the same overwhelming sense of where to from here? There are just so many resources available now and it is such a time consuming process to sift through and find the useful ones. 

I think that is a big part of the challenge I face when working on my Personal Knowledge Management. 

Cassandra writes in her post of another resource useful for planning being Pinterest referring to the

endless amounts of resources…

You can even get a list of ways that teachers can use Pinterest which I found really helpful and interesting.

My heart always sinks a little when I am introduced to a new resource or website to explore. Can anyone else relate?


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