Real Issues?

As part of one of what seems like endless Moodle Books I have been completing for EDC3100 (sigh) I have been given the opportunity to view a thought provoking video A Vision of Students Today. Many videos were made responding to this video one of which is What About High School?- A Response to “A Vision of Students Today”. The students raise many ‘issues’ in this response video that to me are just a part of life. I think it is important for teachers to acknowledge that we cannot fix all these problems. Instead I believe that we need the focus to be on equipping our students with resilience, understanding and faith in themselves. To rely on and communicate with each other, parents and teachers, learning the effectiveness of asking for support and understanding when required.

To draw on a personal and current example I take a look at some of the day to day issues faced for me studying online to get my degree. While it is awesome that I can do this it also comes with a load of issues and problems that must be solved along the way. What to do with my own two children when on three weeks placement? What to do when assignments are due but the kids or I come down sick? How to cope with and keep track of my other commitments? This list is endless and ever revolving. As a teacher it is integral that our reaction to these problems is one of understanding but also one of building perseverance and resilience amongst the students as these sorts of issues will arise throughout life and we all need to be able to tackle them.


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