What should we teach?

Is it more important for our students to learn how to write email than to write an essay? Is it more important for our children to be able to navigate the internet than be able to navigate a book? Is it more important for our children to develop their online personal profile than to be able to write a CV? After watching A vision of Students today it has made me wonder about the above questions. It is clear to me that curriculum needs to be continually updating and changes as the world around us progresses. A suggestion that stood out to me was that our children will face problems in their future that need to be fixed that they did not create.

It is interesting to think of the idea that some of our students will be going into careers that do not currently exist. I think of the resources that are available to me now through my iPhone that I either didn’t have access to or know existed 12 months a go. A lot of learning has taken place in my personal life just to be able to grasp and use these resources to benefit myself, particularly my organisation strategies. For example I use my phone for reminders and prompts such as setting an alarm for 15 minutes prior to school and kinder pick up. It is evident that we need to equip our students with an ongoing love of learning in order to succeed in the world today.

Another student Danielle Smith writes a blog post Teachers limited knowledge about the importance and how to incorporate ICTs within a classroom setting. While I agree with Danielle about how we as teachers are being asked to teach something that we are still learning ourselves I believe this is not something new but has in fact been the case throughout history as the world around us changes. It can be a scary thing learning the incorporation of ICTs into our pedagogy.


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