Internet holiday

I have just experienced my first of many school holidays now that my eldest has started school. Originally I was wondering how on earth I would be able to entertain the kids for 2 weeks straight.

Our first week was spent in Sydney catching up with the Grandparents. I was able to spend a full day catching up on week fours learning path while my girls were having a morning out with my Mother in law. I didn’t realise at the time what a blessing this was as our second week was spent at Torquay, VIC without internet connection!

You see I had originally planned to do as much uni as I could this second week taking advantage of my hubby being around to look after the kids. Upon realising there was no internet connection where we were staying hubby and I decided we would have enough time to read a book. Off to the book shop we went. I ended up reading a novel by Diane Thomas, In Wilderness. I haven’t read a novel since starting my Uni studies. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was quite fitting actually as the story revolved around a lady who moves to an isolated cabin in the woods without electricity who also finds peace and rest in this lifestyle.

Being without internet for a week was so refreshing. The family time was so much nicer. There was so much less distraction and much more time to spend on each other and focussing on the kids. I really loved this time without the distraction of the internet and so did hubby. I came across an interesting article related to this topic that I think is worth a quick read to get us thinking.


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