Integration of ICT for Handwriting

Today I saw a teacher use the Interactive Whiteboard to demonstrate Victorian Cursive Handwriting to the whole class. This was achieved through projecting the dotted thirds handwriting sheet on the IWB and then demonstrating the letter ‘x’.

I decided to reflect on some of the benefits of doing it this way compared to on a whiteboard or worksheet.


Allows for teacher demonstration.

Allows for all students to see the demonstration clearly.

Allows for trial and error.

Allows for time efficiency – not having to draw the dotted lines prior to demonstration.

Allows students to refer back to the demonstration throughout the exercise.

A great resource to refer to for the younger levels for handwriting is provided by the Department of Education and Training Victoria. As I grew up in NSW I am also finding this to be a great resource for myself to learn the Victorian Cursive style that I will be teaching my students.


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