ICTs to Enrich Literacy Learning for Primary School

Hi and welcome,

I’ve created this short presentation to show you a few examples of ways that I incorporate the use of ICTs into your childs’ classroom learning to help enhance and extend their learning experience.

ICTs refers to Information and communication technology which for our class includes things such as the use of the Interactive Whiteboard, laptops, ipads, desktop computers, video recorders and cameras.

As your child’s teacher I incorporate ICTs in the classroom to enrich their learning experience. Technology offers new opportunities and resources to increase student participation and achieve successful learning outcomes.

The incorporation of ICTs within the classroom is used across all subject areas, however this presentation will focus on three examples of ways in which ICTs facilitate your children’s literacy learning.

Reason 1: Watch on Youtube: Active Engagement in Literacy Learning


Reason 2: Watch on Youtube: Caters for Diversity in Reading Levels


View example of Reading eggs at TubeChop: Reading Eggs

Reason 3: Watch on Youtube: Enhancing Creative Writing Skills Through Collaborative Writing

Watch on Youtube: BoomWriter

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